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Born in November 2016, Feel4Photos has earned a distinguished name among the creative people who have sound taste for quality photographs. We are a Kolkata based company and proud to accept that we are dedicated towards the best of photography. Our expertise in various fields of photography has brought us a great recognition that we truly deserve.

At Feel4Photos, we understand the depth of man’s passion towards preserving the memories of present for the future. We value all your passion and try to make every possible effort to fulfill your wishes in the best possible manner.

We do not consider ourselves the masters of all type of photography but our valued and distinguished clients praise our consistent effort towards perfection.

Today, when we compare ourselves with our past experiences, we certainly find ourselves ahead of our yesteryear.

Our company is not just dedicated towards one stream of photography. Our work in various fields has created a craze among our clients. We dedicate ourselves towards Model Photography, Event Photography, Wildlife Photography, and above all Wedding Photography.

There is enough scope to show our expertise in shooting but with a camera and not with a gun. We are open to take challenges and to prove our willingness to improve further. Our company has become a favorite destination for the people who prefer perfection in any type of photography more than anything else.

Feel4Photos understands the technical aspects of photography and that is why it is firm on its path that leads to perfection. Actually, we work in a different way where we satisfy ourselves before satisfying our clients. That’s probably one strong reason of achieving a better success in the last few days. However, our journey has begun with a positive note and that inspires us to make consistent effort towards reaching our goal-your heart, what else we can look for?

Fashion Contraire – De – Solitaires

It’s a very common phenomenon to hide our vulnerabilities behind the strong self we portray. When studied properly, I found out, rulers of the deck of 52 cards minds are ruled by insecurities.

August 2018
Indoor garment shoot

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